Northeastern Caucasus. 


Lacerta agilis boemica  SUCHOW, 1929


Lacerta boemica   SUCHOW, 1929

Lacerta exigua boemica   SUCHOW, 1948

Taxonomic notes:

Lacerta boemica SUCHOW, 1929 has been described from the vicinity of the city of Vladikavkaz. The author considered it as a separate species. Later it came to be regarded as a subspecies of Lacerta agilis. Molecular genetic studies recently forced to reconsider its status again and return to the original point of view of SUCHOW(ANDRES et al., 2014). However, the subspecies status was adopted in the publication of KALYABINA-HAUF & ANANJEVA (2004).

More research is needed in areas of overlapping zones of Lacerta [agilis] boemica and Lacerta agilis exigua EICHWALD, 1831 in the territory of Ciscaucasia.

Igor Doronin.