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  Namibia:  24 species
Heliobolus lugubris (A. SMITH, 1838)
Ichnotropis capensis (A. SMITH, 1838)
Ichnotropis grandiceps BROADLEY, 1967
Meroles anchietae (BOCAGE, 1867)
Meroles ctenodactylus (SMITH, 1838)
Meroles cuneirostris (STRAUCH, 1867)
Meroles knoxii pequensis (HEWITT, 1935)
Meroles micropholidotus (MERTENS, 1938)
Meroles reticulatus (BOCAGE, 1867)
Meroles squamulosus (PETERS, 1854)
Meroles suborbitalis (PETERS, 1869)
Nucras holubi (STEINDACHNER, 1882)
Nucras intertexta (SMITH, 1838)
Nucras tessellata (SMITH, 1838)
Pedioplanis benguellensis (BOCAGE, 1867)
Pedioplanis breviceps (STERNFELD, 1911)
Pedioplanis gaerdesi (MERTENS, 1954)
Pedioplanis husabensis BERGER-DELL´MOUR & MAYER, 1989
Pedioplanis inornata (ROUX, 1907)
Pedioplanis laticeps (SMITH, 1845)
Pedioplanis lineoocellata lineoocellata (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON, 1839)
Pedioplanis lineoocellata inocellata (MERTENS, 1955)
Pedioplanis lineoocellata pulchella (GRAY, 1845)
Pedioplanis namaquensis (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON, 1839)
Pedioplanis rubens (MERTENS, 1954)
Pedioplanis undata (SMITH, 1838)

Meroles anchietae


Meroles anchietae


  (BOCAGE, 1867)


Meroles anchietae (Bocage, 1867) occurs in the Northern Namib Desert sand sea, from Torra Bay to the Kunene River (slipfaces on aeolean dunes). This species occurs in the Skeleton Coast Park.

Meroles sp. (Griffin et al. in prep.) occurs in the Southern & central Namib Desert sand seas from Swakopmund, south to Chamais Bay (2715Dc) (slipfaces on aeolean dunes). Gordon & Griffin (1989) and Lamb & Bauer (in prep.) found the southern population of M. anchietae to diverge significantly from the northern Namib population which is separated by a distance of 290 km. This species occurs in the Walvis Bay Reserve, Namib-Naukluft Park and the Sperrgebiet.



Angola, Namibia


Meroles anchietae  © 2007 Aviad Bar