Northeastern Spain (and isolated populations in southeastern Spain), Southern France, Columbretes Archipelago, Isla Santa Clara and Monte Urgull (San Sebastian). 


Podarcis liolepis  (BOULENGER, 1905)

Subspecies (4):

Podarcis liolepis liolepis  (BOULENGER, 1905)

Podarcis liolepis atratus  (BOSCÁ, 1916)

Podarcis liolepis cebennensis  (GENIEZ & GUILLAUME, 1986)

Podarcis liolepis sebastiani  (KLEMMER, 1964)


Lacerta oxycephala var. hispanica  STEINDACHNER, 1870

Lacerta muralis atrata  BOSCÁ, 1916

Podarcis hispanica  ENGELMANN et al, 1993

Podarcis hispanica type 3  MONTORI et al, 2005

Podarcis hispanica NE type  PINHO et al, 2008

Common names:

Catalonian Wall Lizard (English)
Katalonische Mauereidechse (German)
Lézard Catalan (French)


liolepis: Syntypes: BMNH 1946.9.1.33-35


cebennensis: Syntypes: MNHN-RA 1986.0966-0970, MNHN-RA 1986.0971-0973 and MNHN-RA 1986.0974-0977

sebastiani: Holotype: SMF 59995

Terra Typica:

liolepis: Valencia, southeast coast of Spain.

atratus: Les Ferreres, Columbretes Archipelago, Spain.

cebennensis: Mandagout, Cevennen, SW France.

sebastiani: Mt. Urgull (off San Sebastian, The Basque Country, Spain.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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Podarcis liolepis: 150  pictures (see subspecies level)


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