Spain / Balearic Islands / Menorca / Illa Gran d`Addaia, Illa Petita d`Addaia, Illa de Ses Mones, Illot d`en Carbó Gran and Illot d`en Carbó Petit. 


Podarcis lilfordi addayae  (EISENTRAUT, 1928)


Podarcis lilfordi carbonerae   PÉREZ-MELLADO & SALVADOR, 1988

Illa de Ses Mones population   PÉREZ-MELLADO, 1989

Illot d‘en Carbó Petit population   VAN DEN BERG & ZAWADZKI, 2010


Holotype: ZMB

Terra Typica:

Illa Gran d`Addaia, at the east coast of Menorca.

Taxonomic notes:

ZAWADZKI, M. & M.P. van den BERG (2015): Lizards in the mist - and a shot in the dark. The search for the terra typica of Podarcis lilfordi carbonerae PÉREZ-MELLADO & SALVADOR, 1988 - L@CERTIDAE (Eidechsen Online), 2015 [8]: 160-191.

As a result of their taxonomical study of the populations of the Balearic lizard of Menorca Pérez-Mellado & Salvador (1988) described three new subspecies of Podarcis lilfordi. The type series of one of them, Podarcis lilfordi carbonerae, had been collected on an island called “Isla Carbonera” in 1933. The fact that their describers could not find this islet on any map, but did not hesitate to describe these lizards as a new subspecies, was not very reasonable and surely contributed to the mystery that should surround this subspecies from now on. But it was not this fact alone that casted a bad light on this taxonomic revision, because in-depth analyses revealed more awkward mistakes. Even the rediscovery of Podarcis lilfordi carbonerae by Pérez-Mellado et al. (2002) was only based on assumptions but did not contain any scientific proof. In this paper we give new information on the possible terra typica of Podarcis lilfordi carbonerae by introducing the Illa de Ses Mones. Because neither the En Carbó nor the Ses Mones lizards can be separated from the populations of the two nearby islands Illa Gran d’Addaia and Illa Petit d’Addaia by means of coloration or meristic and metric characters, we consider Podarcis lilfordi carbonerae Pérez-Mellado & Salvador, 1988 as a synonym of Podarcis lilfordi addayae (Eisentraut, 1928).

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Eisentraut, M. (1928) -  Vorläufige Diagnosen einiger neuer Rassen der balearischen Inseleidechse Lacerta lilfordi Gthr. -  Das Aquarium, Berlin, August 1928: 121-124.