Russia, Georgia and Northeastern Azerbaijan / Central to south-eastern part of the Caucasus. 


Darevskia caucasica  (MÉHELY, 1909)

Subspecies (2):

Darevskia caucasica caucasica  (MÉHELY, 1909)

Darevskia caucasica vedenica  (DAREVSKY & ROITBERG 1999)


Lacerta muralis  BOETTGER, 1893

Lacerta caucasica  MÉHELY, 1909

acerta muralis var. caucasica  BOULENGER, 1913

Lacerta saxicola caucasica  NIKOLSKY, 1915

Darevskia caucasica  ARRIBAS, 1997

Common names:

Caucasian lizard (English)
Kaukasus-Eidechse (German)
Кавказская ящерица (Russian)


Darevskia caucasica: 42  pictures (see subspecies level)


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