Ranging in N Africa, the Near and the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent including Sri Lanka. 


Ophisops MÉNÉTRIÉS, 1832

Species (10):

Ophisops beddomei  (JERDON, 1870)

Ophisops elbaensis  SCHMIDT & MARX, 1957

Ophisops elegans  MÉNÉTRIÉS, 1832

Ophisops jerdonii  BLYTH, 1853

Ophisops kutchensis   AGARWAL et al., 2018

Ophisops leschenaultii  (MILNE-EDWARDS, 1829)

Ophisops microlepis  BLANFORD, 1870

Ophisops minor  (DERANIYAGALA, 1971)

Ophisops occidentalis  BOULENGER, 1887

Ophisops pushkarensis   AGARWAL et al., 2018


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Ophisops elegans centralanatoliae  © 1989 Ulrich Manthey