Türkiye / Eastern Anatolia / Malatya Province / Yazıhan. 


Acanthodactylus ilgazi  KURNAZ & SAHIN, 2021


Holotype: ZDEU 2/2020-1, adult female.
Paratypes: ZDEU 2/2020-2, adult female; ZDEU 2/2020-3, juvenile.

Terra Typica:

Turkey, Malatya province, Yazıhan (38.692222 38.170278, approx. 950 m above sea level).

Taxonomic notes:

The species is currently known only from the type locality. This locality is approximately 250 km north from the known localities of Acanthodactylus species ranging in Turkey.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Kurnaz, M. & Şahin, M.K. (2021) -  Contribution to the taxonomic knowledge of Acanthodactylus (Squamata, Lacertidae): Description of a new lacertid lizard species from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey -  Journal of Wildlife and Biodiversity.    


Acanthodactylus ilgazi  © 2020 Muammer Kurnaz & Mehmet Kürşat Şahin