China / Provinz Nei Mongol, Alashan Wüste. 


Eremias quadrifrons  (STRAUCH, 1876)


Podarces (Eremias) quadrifrons   STRAUCH, 1876

Eremias quadrifrons   BOULENGER, 1887


Alashan Racerunner (Englisch)
Alachan Wüstenrenner (Deutsch)

Taxonomische Hinweise:

Subgenus Pareremias

One of the most enigmatic Central Asian Eremias species is E. qaudrifrons described from Alashan desert (Strauch 1876), known only from a single holotype specimen; despite numerous attempts other specimens of this species were not recorded during consequent surveys (Szczerbak 1974). Szczerbak (1974) assumed that there is a possibility that E. qaudrifrons description was based on an abnormal specimen of E. multiocellata. Our sampling includes several populations in vicinity of the type locality of E. qaudrifrons ; some of them show striped dorsal pattern similar to that described for E. quadrifrons. However further studies including fieldwork in the envrions E. quadrifrons type locality are required to clarify taxonomic status of this species and its phylogenetic relationships with E. multiocellata species complex.

Source: Orlova et al. (2017)