W China. Xinjiang, Turpan Depression. 


Eremias roborowskii  (BEDRIAGA, 1912)


Eremias velox var. roborowskii   BEDRIAGA 1912

Eremias velox roborowskii   LIU et al. 2014

Eremias roborowskii   LIU et al. 2018

Common names:

Rapid Racerunner (English)
Schneller Wüstenrenner (German)
Быстрая ящурка (Russian)
吐鲁番麻蜥 (Chinese)


Lectotype: ZISP 9130, 09.1895, Coll. V.I. Roborovsky, P.K. Kozlov

Terra Typica:

China, Lukchun.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Bedriaga, J. von (1912) -  Amphibien und Reptilien. -  Wissenschaftliche Resultate der von N.M. Przewalski nach Central-Asien unternommenen Reisen. Band III, Abteilung 1.  

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  • Chirikova, M.A. & Dujsebayeva, T. & Liu, J. & Guo, X. (2019) -  Geographical Distribution and Morphological Variability of the Rapid Racerunner, Eremias velox (Pallas, 1771) (Reptilia, Lacertidae) in the Eastern Periphery of Its Range. -  Asian Herpetological Research, 10 (4): 230-245.     




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