Podarcis muralis  (LAURENTI, 1768)

Subspecies (6):

Podarcis muralis muralis  (LAURENTI, 1768)

Podarcis muralis breviceps  (BOULENGER, 1905)

Podarcis muralis brongniardii  (DAUDIN, 1802)

Podarcis muralis colosii  (TADDEI, 1949)

Podarcis muralis maculiventris  (WERNER, 1891)

Podarcis muralis nigriventris  BONAPARTE, 1838

Population (1):

Podarcis muralis (braune Abruzzen-Population) 


Seps muralis  LAURENTI, 1768

Lacerta muralis  DUMÉRIL & BIBRON, 1839

Podarcis muralis  CONANT & COLLINS, 1991

Common names:

Common Wall Lizard (English)
Mauereidechse (German)
Lagartija Roquera (Spanish)

Taxonomic notes:

The intra-specific relations are much more complicated as can be displayed by the sub-species arrangement by Gruschwitz & Böhme (1985). Genetic investigations (SCHWEIGER et al., in preparation) demonstrate a high diversity in Italy and on the Balkan peninsula. In central Europe, however, populations could be demonstrated to originate from four genetic lineages which can be explained by four post-glacial colonisation waves from southern France, upper Italy, the eastern adriatic region and from the central Balkan peninsula. If one requests morphologic identifiability for sub-species, P. m. albanicus must be considered as a synonym for the nominate form and P. m. merremius as a synonym for P. m. brongniardii as outlined in SCHULTE et al 2008 (Allochthone Vorkommen der Mauereidechse (Podarcis muralis) in Deutschland, Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie, 15: 139-156) .