Spain / Sierra de Bejar, Sierra de Gredos, La Serrota and Sierra del Guadarrama. 


Iberolacerta cyreni  (MÜLLER & HELLMICH, 1937)

Subspecies (2):

Iberolacerta cyreni cyreni  (MÜLLER & HELLMICH, 1937)

Iberolacerta cyreni castiliana  (ARRIBAS, 1996)


Lacerta monticola cyreni  MÜLLER & HELLMICH, 1937

Iberolacerta (Iberolacerta) cyreni  ARRIBAS, 1997

Iberolacerta cyreni  MAYER & ARRIBAS, 2003

Common names:

Cyren’s Rock Lizard (English)
Cyren’s Gebirgseidechse (German)
Lagartija carpetana (Spanish)


cyreni: Neotype: MNCN 39934, male, designed by Óscar Arribas 2010; Holotype originally in ZSM 2329a (lost)

castiliana: Holotype: IPE (CSIC, given as CA 86071819, collection of author, to be transferred to CSIC), Male, Laguna Grande, Circo de Gredos, Sierra de Gredos. 18-7-1986. O. ARRIBAS & J. GARCU leg.; paratype: NMW

Terra Typica:

cyreni: Type locality: Puerto de Navacerrada, Sierra da Guadarrama, central Spain; Lectotype locality: Entre el Puerto de Cotos y Puerto de Navacerrada, La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain.

castiliana: Type locality: Laguna Grande, Sierra de Gredos, central Spain.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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