Chaldoran area in the northern regions of west Azerbaijan Province of Iran. Only described from the type locality, but there is reason to believe that the distribution is more extensive (f.i. EISELT et al., 1993).


Darevskia raddei chaldoranensis  RASTEGAR-POUYANI et al., 2011


Holotype: RUZM LL70.1; paratypes: RUZM

Terra Typica:

Chaldoran area (39° 03` N, 44° 22` E) in the northern regions of west Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

Taxonomic notes:

With the introduction of the new subspecies Darevskia raddei chaldoranensis, the intermediate form, from the north-east of Turkey and the north-west of Iran, between Darevskia raddei raddei and Darevskia raddei vanensis (EISELT et al., 1993), might have been described. Also the Ararat population (PANNER, 2005; 2010) might be part of this newly described subspecies. Additional research is necessary to determine the actual distribution of all subspecies.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Rastegar-Pouyani, N. & Karamiani, R. & Oraei, H. & Khosrawani, A. & Rastegar-Pouyani, E. (2011) -  A New Subspecies of Darevskia raddei (Boettger, 1892) (Sauria: Lacertidae) from the West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. -  Asian Herpetological Research 2011, 2(4): 216–222.