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  Greece:  25 species
Algyroides moreoticus BIBRON & BORY DE SAINT-VINCENT, 1833
Algyroides nigropunctatus nigropunctatus DUMÉRIL & BIBRON, 1839
Algyroides nigropunctatus kephallithacius KEYMAR, 1986
Anatololacerta anatolica anatolica (WERNER, 1900)
Anatololacerta anatolica oertzeni (WERNER, 1904)
Anatololacerta finikensis (EISELT & SCHMIDTLER, 1986)
Anatololacerta pelasgiana (MERTENS, 1959)
Darevskia pontica (LANTZ & CYRÉN, 1918)
Hellenolacerta graeca (BEDRIAGA, 1886)
Lacerta agilis bosnica SCHREIBER, 1912
Lacerta citrovittata WERNER, 1938
Lacerta diplochondrodes diplochondrodes Wettstein, 1952
Lacerta diplochondrodes cariensis PETERS, 1964
Lacerta diplochondrodes dobrogica FUHN & MERTENS, 1959
Lacerta trilineata trilineata BEDRIAGA, 1886
Lacerta trilineata hansschweizeri MÜLLER, 1935
Lacerta trilineata major BOULENGER, 1887
Lacerta trilineata polylepidota WETTSTEIN, 1952
Lacerta viridis viridis (LAURENTI, 1768)
Lacerta viridis guentherpetersi RYKENA, NETTMANN & MAYER, 2001
Lacerta viridis meridionalis CYRÉN, 1933
Ophisops elegans macrodactylus BERTHOLD, 1842
Podarcis cretensis (WETTSTEIN, 1952)
Podarcis erhardii erhardii (BEDRIAGA, 1882)
Podarcis erhardii amorgensis (WERNER, 1933)
Podarcis erhardii biinsulicola (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii buchholzi (WETTSTEIN, 1956)
Podarcis erhardii kinarensis (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii levithensis (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii livadiacus (WERNER, 1902)
Podarcis erhardii makariaisi (WETTSTEIN, 1956)
Podarcis erhardii megalophthenae (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii mykonensis (WERNER, 1933)
Podarcis erhardii naxensis (WERNER, 1899)
Podarcis erhardii ophidusae (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii pachiae (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii phytiusae (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii riveti (CHABANAUD, 1919)
Podarcis erhardii ruthveni (WERNER, 1930)
Podarcis erhardii subobscurus (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii Santorin Population 
Podarcis erhardii syrinae (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis erhardii thermiensis (WERNER, 1935)
Podarcis erhardii zafranae (WETTSTEIN, 1937)
Podarcis gaigeae (WERNER, 1930)
Podarcis ionicus (LEHRS, 1902)
Podarcis levendis LYMBERAKIS et al., 2008
Podarcis milensis milensis (BEDRIAGA, 1882)
Podarcis milensis adolfjordansi (BUCHHOLZ, 1962)
Podarcis milensis gerakuniae (MÜLLER, 1938)
Podarcis muralis muralis (LAURENTI, 1768)
Podarcis peloponnesiacus (BIBRON & BORY, 1833)
Podarcis siculus campestris (DE BETTA, 1857)
Podarcis tauricus (PALLAS, 1814)
Podarcis thais (BUCHHOLZ, 1960)
Zootoca vivipara vivipara (LICHTENSTEIN, 1823)

Podarcis erhardii Santorin Population


Podarcis erhardii Santorin Population




Greece / Santorini archipelago. The populations from the Santorini archipelago are according WETTSTEIN (1953 and 1957) asigned to the subspecies ` naxensis `. By Dr. Werner Mayer (Natural History Museum of Vienna) we received the following message, that is why we have the lizards from the Santorini archipelago not sorted under ` naxensis ` but under `ssp.`. The ancient island of Santorini exploded during a massive volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC and has left today`s caldera. On the surface of today`s islands Thira (=Santorini ) and Thisasia, huge masses of pumice and ash were deposited. The survival of animals and plants is not expected. So the islands should have been repopulated again, certainly in part by distribution of humans. DNA tests (Poulakakis et al. 2005 - Phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of Podarcis species from the Balkan Peninsula, by bayesian and maximum likelihood analyzes of mitochondrial DNA sequences - Phylogenetics Mol. Evol. 37: 845-857) and some own results, show the lizards on Thira originate from Andros and Anafi, and the lizards on Thirasia consistently originate from Anafi.






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